The End of the Flying Season: Preparing for the Moulting of the Pigeons


The flying season is almost over, and while it has been an exciting and active time for both the pigeons and pigeon enthusiasts, it’s time to prepare for the next phase: moulting. Moulting is a natural process where pigeons lose their old feathers and grow new ones. This is a crucial period for the health and well-being of our feathered friends. Here are some tips and product recommendations for pigeon enthusiasts to get through this period smoothly and successfully.

Balanced nutrition: Ensure your pigeons get a balanced diet that is rich in proteins and amino acids. These nutrients are essential for the growth of new feathers. Also add vitamins and minerals to their diet, such as vitamin E and selenium, which help protect the new feathers.

Fresh water: Always provide plenty of fresh and clean water. Pigeons drink more water during moulting because it helps with the production of new feathers.

Bathing opportunities: Regularly give your pigeons the chance to bathe. This helps to remove dust and dirt from their feathers and stimulates the growth of new feathers. For an optimal bath, we recommend the following products:

  1. Cest-pharma BLUE SALT 1000g
  2. Care4Birds Bathsalt 800g
  3. Röhnfried Bath Salt 800gr

Rest: Moulting can be a stressful period for pigeons. Therefore, provide a calm environment without sudden changes or disturbances.

Check for parasites: Parasites such as lice and mites can become a problem during the moulting period. Regularly inspect your pigeons and use the following products if needed:

  1. Cest-pharma PARA PROTECT 20 ml
  2. Koudijs Luis-Worm 10 ml
  3. Dac Pharma Endecto 10ml

Enhance the moulting process: To promote moulting and support the health of your pigeons, we recommend the following products:

  1. Dac Pharma Dacochol 1000ml
  2. Cest-pharma SANOCEST 1000 ml
  3. Cest-pharma SEDO PLUS 1000 ml

Limit training: Reduce training time for your pigeons during moulting. Their body now needs more energy for the production of new feathers.

Shelter: Ensure your pigeons have a sheltered place, especially during cold or rainy days. This helps to keep their new feathers in optimal condition.

In conclusion, the moulting period is an essential phase in a pigeon’s life. With the right care, attention, and supportive products, pigeon enthusiasts can ensure their feathered friends get through this period healthy and strong. By following the above tips and product recommendations, you can ensure your pigeons are ready for the next flying season!

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