About us

We would like to introduce ourselves: I am Carlo Sanders and my son Marvin Sanders. We started a webshop for animal health products 16 years ago. In the beginning only for pigeons, but later also expanded for other animals.

We started with Dovital because there were too few pigeon products available in our region, or we had to drive more than 30 km. Meanwhile, several Top enthusiasts in the Netherlands and outside the Netherlands have found Dovital and have also become our regular customers.

In 2012 we had a setback because the Dutch legislation was amended. As a result, we had to have many products destroyed because they no longer complied with the legislation. But because of this, we did come into contact with the Dutch miniseries and in doing so obtained a license for certain products.

Our webshop meets all the requirements of European legislation and we also have a Webshop quality mark Webwinkel Keurmerk en klantbeoordelingen


May I introduce you to my son Marvin Sanders.

My role within the company is CTO and I make sure that everything goes technically well.
In my spare time I like to cook for family and friends, I do this via BBQ and Sous-vide. I enjoy it when people are quiet when they are eating, which means they really like it. We also have herbs in our range, see theherbal page. I would like to expand the herbs page with more products later.

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Carlo Sanders I am the CEO of Dovital.
In my spare time I like to work with my pigeons and I also grew up with the pigeon sport. We now fly under the name Hendriks-Sanders in Nijmegen. Achieved several national top 10 victories in recent years.

I like to give people advice and information about the products we sell on Dovital. Unfortunately a few years ago I contracted sudden deafness, which makes communication over the phone difficult. But I always try to speak to the customer.

If you need advice about our products, please don’t hesitate Contact us.