An Innovative Dutch Company: Ropa-B

Ropa-B (Ropavet B.V) is an innovative Dutch company that develops and produces purely natural products for household and hobby-kept animals. We understand that as your pet gets older, it becomes more vulnerable to various problems. That is why we offer a natural solution to prevent these problems.

Natural Products with Proven Effects

At Ropa-B, we only work with natural raw materials, resulting in products with proven effects. We want your pet to stay as healthy as possible. Knowing that this cannot be achieved solely through feeding, clean drinking water and a clean living environment, we provide high-quality products that give your pet that ‘something extra’.

High-Quality Products with a Quality System

In order to continue providing our high-quality products, we have a dedicated staff and a quality system. Our quality department is constantly working on maintaining and improving our production processes. This is to continue improving our products and to meet the quality requirements of GMP+ and SKALL, among others.

The Natural Solution for Your Pet

By using our products, you can prevent problems in your pet in a natural way. We work with the best natural ingredients so that your pet can stay as healthy as possible. With our quality system and dedicated personnel, we are sure that we deliver the best products.

Choose Ropa-B

Choose Ropa-B and give your pet that ‘something extra’ to prevent problems. With our dedicated personnel and quality system, we have a high-quality product that optimally supports your pet. Contact us if you want to know more about our products.

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