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Do you want to ensure that your pigeons are optimally cared for and their performance is increased? Backs VI-SPU-MIN 1Kg is a mineral mixture that can help you with that. It contains a multitude of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements that promote the health of the pigeons. By adding Backs VI-SPU-MIN 1Kg to the feed of your pigeons, deficiencies are compensated, which leads to better performance. The dosage is 20 g (1 full coffee spoon) per 1 kg of feed, and it can be given daily during pairing, but also 3 times a week during the growing period, once a week during the flying period and 3 times a week during the moulting period. With Backs VI-SPU-MIN 1Kg you give your pigeons the care they deserve!

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Backs VI-SPU-MIN 1Kg
Backs VI-SPU-MIN 1kg

 5.50 incl. VAT and excl. shipping costs

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