European privacy law

The new European privacy law will take effect from 25 May.
From that moment on, the same privacy rules apply in all countries of the European Union.
What will the new law bring us?

Downloading an app, of course that is so much tippled. To the appstore, download the app and then give permission. Many people do not realize that they open the locks to all kinds of personal data, contacts, the location of photos and videos – you name it.

The ease with which we share and give away our personal details is a concern to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. “We all share more and more information about ourselves. Sometimes consciously, often unconsciously. “For this reason, chairman Aleid Wolfsen will kick off the campaign Privacy this afternoon. As an advance on the new European privacy law, which will take effect on 25 May.

Why this new law?

The new privacy law must ensure that our personal data is better protected. Organizations and companies get more obligations and from that moment on they have to explain in clear language what data they use and what they do with it. Consumers also receive more and stronger privacy rights, according to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

What privacy rights are there?

– The right to forgetfulness. You have the right to be ‘forgotten’ online. This is a new rule.
– Right to data portability. You have the right to transfer your personal data. This rule is also new.
– Right of access. This is the right to view personal data that organizations process about you.
– Right to rectification. This is the right to have personal data processed by organizations of you modified or supplemented.
– Right to limit processing. You have the right to ask organizations to limit the use of your personal data.
– Right with automated decision-making and profiling. This means that you have the right to a human gaze when making decisions about you.
– Right of objection. You have the right to object to the data processing, for example in direct marketing.

What does the new law mean for companies?

Organizations receive more duties under the new law. For example o