Vanrobaeys: for the very best pigeon feed from champions

Vanrobaeys is a family business that has been producing feed for pigeons for more than fifty years. They started producing feed for these birds in 1965 and since then the company has established a strong position in the international market. Now Vanrobaeys provides many Belgian and international top players with the very best feed for their champions.

Passion for quality and perfection

At Vanrobaeys, passion for quality and perfection is paramount. Quality control is very important. It is impossible to put a quality feed on the market if the raw materials are not of high quality. That is why Vanrobaeys is always looking for the best ingredients for their feed.

A varied range of pigeon feed

Vanrobaeys has the goal of offering a varied range of pigeon feed. Every period of the year has its particular nutritional needs. For example, pigeons in moult have different needs and virtues than during the flying season or during the breeding season. That is why it is important to offer feed that is tailored to the needs of the pigeon.

Innovation for the modern pigeon

Innovation is also high on the agenda at Vanrobaeys. They want to offer feed that is tailored to the needs of the modern pigeon. To achieve this, they keep thinking and expanding their feed. In this way, they want to offer their customers the best nutritional solutions.

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