The Best Propolis and Sliepzand for Pigeon Breeders from Dofo

Dofo has been a reliable partner for pigeon breeders and bird keepers for years. With the best propolis from Arizona, USA, and the well-known Sliepzand RT, we bring your pigeons in top shape.

Sliepzand RT, 40 years of experience in pigeon breeding

Sliepzand RT has been a household name in pigeon breeding for 40 years. Many pigeon lovers have already successfully applied this quality mix. With Sliepzand RT you ensure that your pigeons stay healthy and in top shape. Without worries and with lots of joy.

What is Propolis?

Propolis is made from resins and juices of tree buds. It has been protecting humans and animals from various diseases for many years. Propolis can be used for both humans and animals. With Dofo’s Propolis you are assured of quality.

Why Dofo?

Dofo offers the best Propolis and Sliepzand RT for your pigeons. Our products have helped many pigeon breeders to be successful. Whatever you are looking for, at Dofo you are at the right address. Choose today for the best quality Sliepzand and Propolis and ensure top shape for your pigeons.

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