The young veterinary company Biovetline cvs , founded and led by a veterinarian, has developed a product line for professional ornithology. All this to provide farmers with quality, safety and innovation management and breeding support.

The use of raw materials of undisputed quality and the alchemy we create give life to a range of products of undisputed effectiveness and uniqueness. Our goals focus on the actual nutritional needs of animals and the improvement of their performance over time. The company’s goal is to develop high-quality products, the use of which can therefore yield excellent results. Biovetline products are studied and formulated to maximize and express the qualities and merits of your animals.

The ingredients:
– reduction of toxicity, allowing long-term treatment
– possible use of herbal active ingredients that are complementary to synthetic drugs
– wide scope (various types of animals treated).
for this reason, BIOVETLINE uses the beneficial properties of plants to formulate its supplements, thus formulating nutritional supplements suitable for different needs

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