Virkon™S: Safe and Effective Against Pathogens

A disease outbreak can start from one single animal, plant, or fish and spread over an entire farm, greenhouse, or aquaculture system. To prevent this, it is important that effective and safe disinfectants are used. Virkon™S is an excellent example of this. The formulated, broad-spectrum efficacy of Virkon™ disinfectant technologies can help you prevent and combat the introduction of pathogenic organisms. In combination with the right protocol, Virkon™S provides the best protection against the most important pathogens.

Why Virkon™S?

The chemistry of Virkon™S was a breakthrough in 1986 and remains to this day the leader in disinfection. Virkon™S disinfectant is effective against more than 500 pathogenic viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The combination of efficacy, biosecurity, simplicity, and safety for the user, animals, and the environment make Virkon™S unique and for this reason it is used worldwide by individuals, organizations, and governments.

Benefits of Virkon™S

  • The use of Virkon™S has been greatly developed and expanded over the years due to its performance and safety reports.
  • A significant number of studies now support label claims against some of the most damaging and pathogenic pathogens including highly pathogenic avian influenza (bird flu), foot and mouth disease (FMD), and Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV).
  • Simple application. Complexity of product preparation, application, and use can increase costs, confuse workers, and be a major barrier to effective biosecurity measures. Virkon™S has been carefully designed for simple and systematic use in all sectors from animal husbandry to the laboratory.
  • Biosecurity in a single package for surfaces, equipment, vehicles, air disinfection, and disinfection of water systems.
  • Easy to store and transport, by rail, sea, and air without restrictions. This saves on transport costs.
  • No need to alternate, the unique mode of action of Virkon™S prevents resistance of pathogenic organisms, so there is no need to alternate with other disinfectants.

Virkon™S is therefore an excellent option when it comes to combating and preventing pathogenic organisms. It is effective, safe, simple to use, and easy to store and transport. Furthermore, it saves on transport costs and there is no need to alternate. In short, Virkon™S is a safe and effective option for biosecurity.

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